47- Bageshwar Bye-Election-2023


  1. Press Note
  2. Notification
  3. Release of Fund under MP/MLAs
  4. MCC for Poltical Parties and Candidates
  5. MCC for Poltical Partiest and Candidates Hindi
  6. Fact Sheet Bageshwar Bye Election 2023
  7. Bageshwar Assembly MAP
  8. Polling Station List
  9. Notice of Election in Form-1 By RO
  10. Form-4 List of validly Nominated Candidates
  11. Form 7-A List of Contesting Cndidates
  12. Star Campaigners of BJP
  13. Star Campaigners of INC
  14. Star Campaigners of Samajwadi Party
  15. Paid Holiday for 47-bageshwar